Self Serve 

Mutt-O-Mat, Inc.
Pet Grooming Salon & Self Serve Dog Wash

 With our waist-high elevated tubs with steps and restraints we can accommodate your biggest dog (250lbs), to your smallest. 
As part of our Brockton, MA dog wash, we provide the shampoos, conditioner, warm water with selectable sprays, towels, brushes, combs, ear and eye cleaners, high powered blowers to remove water and excess hair, and an waterproof apron for you.
Our premium shampoos and conditioners have all natural ingredients, are non toxic, and biodegradable. And don't worry, our friendly staff will get you and your dog set up, 
help you along the way,
 and clean up and disinfect after you!

Benefits for you...
• No aching back
• No mess to clean afterwards
• No clogged drains at home
• No pick-up/drop off needed
• No crate stress for your dog
• No appointment necessary

​Additional Shampoos & Services
Exclusive shampoo's 
Oatmeal Shampoo & Creme Rinse Conditioner, or
Lav-n-Derm-Lavender scent with anti-septic,


Optional Services
Flea Treatment
Neem Medicated Shampoo & Re-Conditioner
treats all types of skin issues
De-Shed Treatment
2 Step De-Shed Shampoo & Conditioner
removes 90% of loose hair

Teeth Brushing...$6.00
Nail Trimming...$12.00
Nail Grinding...$15.00
rabies certificate required

Skunked Dogs
Smelly pet shampoo kit plus deodorizer


Senior Citizens 
10% off any Self-Serve Wash

10% off with ID

Bring 2 of your dogs and pay 1/2 price 
for the 2nd wash

We support all Service Dogs
ask management for pricing
Mutt O Mat dog logo
tub with insert
   Our  self serve dog wash 
includes Berry Gentle or Peach tearless for face, plus your choice of shampoos Silky,  Hypo, Color enhancing, Texturizing, and High Concentrate Shampoo for  Dirty Dogs, and conditioner for dry skin and soft touch. 
Warm water, scrubber  and  brushes, combs, de-shed tools and ear wipes, high output blow dryers, towels, and your choice of spa colognes.

Self Serve Dog Wash and Groomer in Brockton

Most Dogs... ​$20   Dogs under 10lbs... $15

Tub without insert
Shown with insert for 
your smallest dog!
Our walk-in tubs designed for
 XL dogs, no lifting required.
Earn Loyalty Points for purchases of
Self Serve Washes
Earn a free wash.

Spa Dog
Golden retriever
Pit Bull
Red Dobe
German Shepherd